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Consulting in Deep Learning for Computer Vision applications.

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Consulting. Confident to make you succeed.

Developing an Artificial Intelligence strategy and vision will provide you a strategic edge on competitors. And we all want to be there.

Go ahead and integrate, accelerate your adoption of Deep Learning for your Computer Vision applications to make the future better for us, the people. The future asks for new ways of working, a new mentality and better and faster improvements to build in a fair enthusiasm to your next product or service.

Backed by experience in the field, guided by continuous education and triggered by nonconformism towards state-of-the art, I am confident to make you succeed. What can I help you with?

        Be up to date to the newest developments and see a working demo of a specific algorithm.
        I implement your Deep Learning algorithm (together with your team), leaving up to your needs and expectations.

        I show you strategic openings and opportunities you could seize, backed by domain knowledge.

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Get straight to the important stuff and just get it done.


Being an independent professional allows for a quick adaptation to your needs.


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