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Consulting and Training in Deep Learning for Computer Vision applications.

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Get up to speed in this new data world.
Draw a vision that fits your business, develop the software and acquire knowledge to lead and implement projects.


Strategic to tactical level Artificial Intelligence with focus on Deep Learning and Computer Vision.


You will acquire a well-founded understanding of the AI field to lead initiatives at your company and/or also in-depth knowledge at software level to enter the field and pick up AI projects straight away. Check out the courses.

Application fields

Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence in general can be applied in an unlimited number of scenarios, each field and problem presenting specificities. I specialize on concrete fields of interest and focus on proven and innovative technologies in that field to guarantee high-quality outcomes.


Support medical decision taking, by high quality image reconstruction and disease diagnosis tools.


Automatic climate control for ideal development of your crops. Phenotyping. Get more from your plants.

Beat tomorrow.

Time is always pressing to get better, more efficient and outsmart the competition or yourself.
Start acting today.

About me

I am Ilona Armengol Thijs, a qualified professional looking for the most challenging and interesting Deep Learning projects in Computer Vision, focused on Medical and Agritech applications.

I believe that dedicated study and passion to my fields of interest will keep me ahead and ready to help you improve your next product.

Aside from the technical side, you will get honesty to the heart and a stoic devotion to my duty.

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It is only good enough when it meets your standards.


Get straight to the important stuff and just get it done.


Being an independent professional allows for a quick adaptation to your needs.


Confident to make you succeed.


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