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AI skills are one of the most highly sought after skills of our time, either if you need to lead initiatives or you are going to develop the applications yourself. I help you get started to succeed in the field and to apply the knowledge straight away.

The courses are put together and inspired by the best materials in the field, from theory books through practice books, including insights from the best professionals and online courses. I bring it all together for you to apply and get results. You will learn the theoretical foundations you need to succeed, and you will get reference material to advance in the future. You will also get practical examples from industry, and get hands-on cases to develop yourself, with different focus depending on your chosen track.

Backed by experience in the field, guided by continuous education and triggered by nonconformism towards state-of-the art, I am confident to make you succeed.


Trainings in Roermond - The Netherlands, or on-site at your company. I believe in direct communication for total focus to avoid distractions from everyday life, to answer your questions as they come and to take the time for you to explain the context to provide a most accurate answer.

Flexible dates

Some dates are marked on the calendar for the courses. You can also choose the dates that suit you best, just consult the dates with 2 weeks notice to check availability.

After course Support

I am interested in you and your advancements and you will get the chance of planning a teleconference call a few weeks after the face-to-face course to consult your questions. You can also e-mail me for a month after the course with your questions.

Teaching language

You have the choice of instruction in Dutch, Spanish or English. Having it in your own language can take you that one step further in understanding. The slides and materials will be in English.

AI for Leaders

Develop an AI vision that will provide you a strategic edge on competitors. Get the right knowledge to understand what AI can bring to your business and be able to communicate towards and inspire people.
You will understand what the the enablers are for this technology, what current tools and techniques are out there and what fits your needs. You will also be able to identify the knowledge and talents needed to get the job done.

Content summary:

1. History and rise.
2. AI definitions & terminology.
    Neural Networks, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Supervised Learning,
    Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, AGI and much more.
3. Context, concepts, data and algorithms.
4. The use of AI, what we can achieve.
5. Examples

State of AI
6. Business update. Investments, startups, Corporate and more. With extra focus on the European market.
7. Public awareness and perceptions. Expectations, risks, opportunities, limitations, ethics and privacy law.
8. Use-cases from research and industry explained. Autonomous driving, medical diagnose support, predictive maintenance and much more.
9. Hands-on: solve for a business case.

AI Practical Implications
10. Management Framework for AI. From vision and strategy to implementation.
11. Prerequisites and Implementation tools including Solutions in the cloud.
14. What is the right people for implementation?
15. Guide to the implementation steps and quality metrics.
16. AI, ethics and privacy law.
17. AGI and the future of AI insights.

Close up
18. Summary and discussion: next steps for you from here.

Information and enrolment

Duration:                  2 intensive days
What is included:   Inspiring location, luxury coffee, tea, lunch and snacks
Price:                         1200 eur excl. BTW.
                                   If you are a company consult for group prices in-house.
                                   If you have other requests contact me for tailored prices.
Participants:           3 - 9
Upcoming events:             12 and 13 August 2020 in Roermond, The Netherlands
                                      9 and 10 December 2020 in Roermond, The Netherlands
                                     For more dates please contact me.

AI for Engineers

Learn the foundations of the field and apply to the data science job you want, or broaden your knowledge within the software engineering and computer science field. You will learn theory of the field and how to do end-to-end implementations. Learn about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Know what kind of algorithm to apply in each scenario and know how to advance when you get stuck. You will also learn the metrics to make sure the algorithm is working and going in the right direction. Also learn the latest AutoML and cloud tools to get even more efficient at what you do. With that knowledge you should feel comfortable at any company to keep making progress. This course is intended for software engineers, developers or similar profiles wanting to break into the field with strong foundations. Python knowledge is a prerequisite (basic level is fine).

Content summary:

1. Introduction to AI definitions and terminology.
2. What makes AI software different?
3. Overview of libraries, tools and environments available.
Machine Learning
4. Supervised Learning.
5. Machine Learning theory and algorithms.
6. Machine Learning implementation step-by-step.
7. Hands-on: ML supervised learning project
Deep Learning
8. Deep Learning theory and architectures.
9. Deep Learning implementation step-by-step.
10. Hands-on Deep Learning project.
11. Prerequisites to develop AI.
12. When do you apply ML and DL vs classical statistics or image processing.
13. Secure your workflow.
14. How to deal with uncertainty and transparency.
15. AutoML tools.
16. End-to-end deployment possibilities.
17. Cloud deployments.
Other AI paradigms and techniques
18. Reinforcment learning and Unsupervised learning.
19. Advanced techniques (Autoencoders, generative models etc.) and how to know when to use them.
Communicate AI
20. Benefits and limitations of AI.
21. How to explain what you are doing and why it makes sense.
Heading towards
22. AGI and the future of AI.

Information and enrolment

Duration:                  4 intensive days
What is included:   Inspiring location, luxury coffee, tea, lunch and snacks
Price:                         2100 eur excl. BTW.
                                   If you are a company consult group prices in-house.
                                   If you have other requests contact me for tailored prices.
Participants:           3 - 9
Upcoming event:   On demand
                                   For more dates please contact me.


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